🧡JURINA Family💚OPENです!





SNSやいろんな活動を続けていきますが、このJURINA Familyが一番近くに感じていただける場所になったらいいなと思います















〈グループチャット / トピック〉
















▼ Message

I graduated from SKE48, which was my youth, but I wanted to cherish the encounters and connections with the fans, so I decided to create a fan club this time.

I will continue SNS and various activities, but I hope that this “JURINA Family” will be the place where you can feel the closest.

There may be a story that only talks about here! ??

Please look forward to it ♪




▼ Plan

* Transfer / reprint of posted videos, sounds, and photos is prohibited.


<Scene posting>

We will deliver daily work, off-shots, spills from the manager, etc.


<Radio distribution>

We will deliver casual conversation and you may be able to ask your concerns with Jurina🎥


<Group chat / topic>

Let's talk happily together! Maybe Jurina will also participate once in a while? !


<Radio distribution archive video>

You can see the archive of radio distribution.

* Some contents may be available for a limited time.



A scratch lottery full of luxurious benefits that can only be obtained here!

* Points must be purchased separately.


<Digital Fan Letter Box>

You can send a direct message about your daily thoughts and future requests💌

* It may be read, but please note that we will not reply.





1.入会 をタップ

2.Twitter連携 or FaniconID新規登録

3.入会プランを選択 (3ヶ月 or 12ヶ月)



6.『JURINA Family』をお楽しみください


【How to join】

※Please refer to the attached image.

1.Press the "Join" button.

2.Signup on Twitter or Fanicon ID.

3.Press the "Purchase" button. (3months or 12months)

4.Enter credit card information.

5.Downroad Fanicon app and Login with the ID you created at procedure.

6.Please enjoy "JURINA Family"! 



※ クレジットカードをお持ちでない方はプリペイドカードでもご利用いただけます。


(Available prepaid card information here)



(Please find contact information here )


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