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TM NETWORKでの活動から現在に至るまで数々の音楽作品を世に送り出してきた小室哲哉と、ライフステージが変わってもずっと彼の音楽を愛し続けてきたファンのみなさん、そして新たに彼の音楽を発見し魅了された方々が<クローズドな環境で繋る場所>それが「TETSUYA KOMURO STUDIO」です。






それでは小室哲哉の音楽世界を直接感じることのできる場所「TETSUYA KOMURO STUDIO」にお集まりください。




プライベートスタジオからの定期配信(毎週金曜日21時〜予定)や、TETSUYA KOMURO STUDIO会員限定ライブ配信(不定期)を行っています。









TETSUYA KOMURO STUDIOメンバー限定のグループチャットです。




TETSUYA KOMURO STUDIOへ登録された順にデジタル会員証が発行されます。



【STANDARD】 上記機能がご利用頂けます。


【GOLD】 全てのSTANDARDの機能に下記機能が追加されます。








Tetsuya Komuro, who has produced numerous musical works from his activities at TM NETWORK to the present, fans who have loved his music for a long time even if his life stage changes, and discovering and fascinated his new music "TETSUYA KOMURO STUDIO" is a place where fans can connect in a closed environment. Ride a time machine with Tetsuya Komuro to dig up gorgeous musical works, experience the "musical present" that Tetsuya Komuro is looking at earlier than anyone else, and connect fans across generations and borders together. Let's create this special place.



〈Live Streaming〉

 We plan to regularly deliver talks from private studios and live broadcasts limited to TETSUYA KOMURO STUDIO (irregular). We are also considering various projects such as talks by inviting special guests, so please look forward to it.



You can see off-shot contents and messages of Tetsuya Komuro's activities that can only be seen here.


〈Group chat〉

This is a group chat for TETSUYA KOMURO STUDIO members only. Feel free to deepen friendships between members, and the staff will also ask questions to members. Tetsuya Komuro himself may suddenly participate.


STANDARD can use the above functions.


GOLD adds the following functions to all STANDARD functions.

・ Archive viewing function for live distribution

・ Digital fan letter BOX (DM) function (no reply from Tetsuya Komuro)

・ Other GOLD benefits will be added at any time

* GOLD is a plan for core fans, so please enjoy it from STANDRD first.





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