皆さんとの交流の場“Tanny’s café”がここに、ついに完成しました!

Tanny’s caféでは、チケットの先行販売、限定の写真や動画、ボイスや生配信など発信していきます!



Tanny’s cafeへのご入会お待ちしております!





●12月28日(火)までに入会した方全員に"12月28日広島 LIVE19で開催される












1.入会 をタップ

2.Twitter連携 or ID新規登録

3.入会プランを選択 (3ヶ月 or 12ヶ月)



6.Tanny’s cafeをお楽しみください





Thank you for your continuous support!


This time, I want to do more and more fun with everyone who is always supporting me!

I hope everyone in this community, not just me, can have fun, get along and communicate peacefully!

I want to make a comfortable community for you, so please continue to support me!


■Plan (¥500)

Transfer / reprint of posted videos, sounds, and photos is prohibited.



<Scene posting>

We will deliver daily work, off-shots, etc.



<Group chat / topic>

Let's talk happily together!



<Live delivery/Radio distribution>

We will deliver casual conversation and you may be able to ask your concerns with Saki.


<Archive video&radio>

You can watch the archive of video&radio distribution.

* Some contents may be available for a limited time.



A scratch lottery full of luxurious benefits that can only be obtained here!

* Points must be purchased separately.




Talking on a common topic.



<Digital Fan Letter Box>

You can send a direct message about your daily thoughts.



<Goods sale>

You can buy various goods



<Fan club member-only project>

For example, holding a live after-talk event.



<Pre-sale of fan club member-only tickets>



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