Shou Official Fan Club


「 Room Evergreen 」




We will be offering a lot of contents that can only be seen here, off-shoots, group chats, and live streaming!



☆Room Evergreen 特典(Benefit)☆


(1)会員限定 / 会員優先

Members-only and priority events and ticket sales




We provide members with priority services such as members-only live concerts and events, and priority advance reservations for tickets!



Live streaming / Radio broadcasting






In addition to the monthly live streaming of face to face, we also offer irregular live streaming, radio streaming, talk streaming, and more...
Unlike YouTube and other social networking sites, we provide fan club exclusive contents!
Archives are also available for viewing.



Timeline Posting





We will also post exclusive images and videos that will not appear on other social networking sites.
In addition to Shou, the manager will also post so you can see rare stories, rare images and videos.



Group chat




There are also opportunities to interact directly with Shou in group chats held on an irregular basis!








Scratch raffles are held every season, giving you a chance to get special items!

※You can challenge the scratch-off lottery by paying the entry fee.

※ Delivery to residents outside Japan may not be possible in some cases.



Members-only goods




Limited items available only to members and pre-sale of merchandise will be held.

※As stated in the Terms of Use, we do not accept deliveries outside of Japan. Customers who wish to have items purchased from the web store, scratch-off prizes, membership/renewal benefits, etc. shipped overseas should prepare a Japanese address or use an overseas forwarding service (e.g. Tenso.com).



Digital message service(Birthday/New Year...)




Shou will send messages several times a year, including birthdays and New Year's cards.



Present events(Held irregularly)




Held several times a year on an irregular basis to thank members for their continued support!



Membership Specials(Special messages from Shou)





You will receive a special message from Shou.

Digital membership cards are issued by fanicon in the order of registrants!



月額 ¥550(Monthly ¥550)





*You can enroll in a 3-month or 12-month plan.

*10% discount will be offered for "12 months" long term plan.






クレジットカード、コンビニプリペイドカード、バンドルカードのいずれかを利用して入会ページより、3ヶ月プラン or 12ヶ月プランをお選びいただき、入会してください。


▼ Payment Methods
Please choose 3-month or 12-month plan from the enrollment page using a credit card, prepaid card at convenience stores, or bundle card to enroll.

*If you do not have a credit card, we recommend a prepaid card that can be easily recharged via the application.



(Membership Flow Guide)



1. 入会 をタップ

2. Twitter連携 or ID新規登録

3. 入会プランを選択 (3ヶ月 or 12ヶ月)

4. クレジットカード情報を入力し入会

5. Faniconアプリ(無料)をインストールしログイン



1. Tap Join

2. connect with Twitter or register new ID

3. Select a membership plan (3 months or 12 months) 

4. enter credit card information and enroll

5. Install the Fanicon app (free) and login

6. Enjoy Evergreen!






「Room Evergreen」内に投稿された動画、音声、写真の転送・転載は固く禁止しております。


▼Important request to all members ▼

Transferring or reproducing any video, audio, or photo posted in "Room Evergreen" is strictly prohibited.
In order to enjoy this space with peace of mind, we ask that everyone observe the rules, manners, and morals of the site.
If any unauthorized reproduction is found on other SNS or video posting sites, we may take measures such as forcible termination of membership.








Shipping Address Registration
Please be sure to register your shipping address information (name, phone number, and address) after enrollment.
This information is required for shipping scratch-off prizes and products from the web store.
If you do not register, you will not be eligible for delivery. Please understand this beforehand.


▼海外への配送は可能ですか?/Can you ship overseas?






※リンク先は tenso株式会社 のホームページとなります




As stated in the Terms of Use, we do not accept deliveries outside of Japan.

Customers who wish to have items purchased from the web store, scratch-off prizes, and membership and renewal benefits shipped overseas should use our international forwarding service.

Please consider using Tenso.com.


※The link will take you to the website of tenso Co.

※Please use overseas forwarding services at your own risk. Please be aware that you are responsible for any charges incurred when using these services.

※Please note that we do not accept inquiries about international forwarding services.





ご不明な点がございましたら、こちらのFAQ  をご参照ください。


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